Why choose us?


PEC’s Quality Promise means more than just offering tools that exceed the highest possible standards, but delivering those that go “above and beyond.

It means a superior product experience for our customers.  PEC manufactures and produces durable tools that are reasonablypriced, demonstrating that we care about our customers desire for high quality and cost-conscious spending.  Additionally, it’s about raising the bar:  “If it can be better, it isn’t good enough” is our way of embracing excellence and our promise of continuous enhancement.  As precision measuring tool users ourselves, PEC knows exactly what you expect and we make it our mission to deliver.


PEC practices a “Value-ology Approach, which is making a sincere effort to provide the best tools, customer service/support and cost.

It’s the driving force behind our company, its’ mission and priorities.  Tuning into, understanding, addressing and delivering what our customers value and then exceeding their expectations. Manufacturing tools that help them perform better and solve problems faster. Gaining their trust and creating strong ties not only through the functionality of our tools and the quality of our customer service/support, but something more:  the feeling of confidence and reliability, all at a reasonable cost. 


PEC focuses on providing a legendary customer experience, both at the pointofpurchase and after the sale.

Many companies simply provide “good” customer service/support, doing only the minimum to keep their customers satisfied.  PEC goes the extra mile to provide legendary customer service/support, keeping our customers happy AND retaining their unshakeable loyalty.  Our passion for ensuring customer satisfaction borderlines on obsession and continues to earn us loyal buyers, who return time and again for their precision measuring tool needs.