About Unionpec


This is generally the earmark of a company that is relentless about providing world-class products and ensuring an extremely satisfied customer base.

By continuing to manufacture and sell our precision measuring instruments that PEC Tools is already known for, our company has added weighing scales to our well-respected and established brand, now known as PEC Scales!

From the everyday to the extraordinary, you can rely on PEC Scales for exceptional quality, value and productivity when it comes to all kinds of weighing scales. They come in many types for an equally large number of applications and are available in different sizes shapes, weighing capabilities and specifications to suit various businesses and industries. Whether you are looking for Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Food, or Medical Scales, along with any Accessories you may require, when purchasing through PEC Scales you spend less, without sacrificing precision or quality!

For over 60 years, Products Engineering Corporation has remained a well-known, respected and reliable leader in the manufacture of a complete line of Precision Measuring Tools, as well as Photo-Chemically Etched Parts for computer electronics and semi-conductor industries. In 2019, Weighing Scales were added to our established brand, to suit different businesses and industries.

PEC Tools are used to accurately measure, gage and inspect parts by the government, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, wood and metal-working, masonry and music industries, as well as in other numerous trades occupations. PEC Weighing Scales are used in scientific laboratory settings, as well as commercial and industrial communities.

Supplied both domestically and internationally, PEC Weighing Scales help our customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently while spending less, without sacrificing precision or quality.

In addition to PEC’s products being extremely high-quality, accurate, durable and reasonably-priced, our Customer Service is legendary resulting in loyal buyers, who return time and again for their precision measuring tool and weighing scale needs.