Digital Indicator Weighing Display, Compatible with PEC Floor Scale and Livestock Scale

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  • 【EASY MAINTAIN】PEC new digital scale indicator with USB cable and PEC Interface Software, Complete digital calibration with full range. Motion detection and automatic zero maintenance, Printer and continuous data output.

    【MULTIPLY FUNCTION】Scoreboard and bluetooth function is optional. The indicator also supports animal function settings. High cost performance for a wide range of applications. Counting function can be switched between quantity and weight.

    【WIDELY USED】This indicator can connect to a printer and has several output modes to choose from.It can also be used with a variety of floor scales and animal scales, and you can get multiple weighing sets just by buying a digital indicator.

    【ACCURATE PERFORMANCE】The accuracy of the indicator is Level III; and out put speed is 10times/sec. Or 40 times/sec. Simple calibration is performed by pressing [Print] key after three seconds. 

    12 MONTH WARRANTYAssembled in U.S.A.,30 days satisfaction guarantee, one year warranty. California based customer service and technical support. You can buy with confidence.

Digital Weighing Indicator has serial output for printers or Floor Scales. It features easy operation and clear LCD display with backlight. It is the most popular indicator for crane scales, small truck scales, and hoppers, etc.

bright LCD display
Accuracy:Leve lIII
Working voltage:DC:5V
Division value:1/2/5/10/20/50AD
Out put speed:10times/sec.Or40 times/sec.
Internal resolution:≤24mega-pixel
Operation temperature:-10~40°C
Battery:6V/4AAC Power:110-240v
**Please note: This indicator does NOT come with the 4 pin cable shown in photo! It is only used to demonstrate the cable this indicator can connect with.