Gravity Measurement Carbon Steel NTEP Floor Scale with Extra-Large Indicator, Heavy-Duty Weighing in Factories, Warehouse, and etc

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  • Description
    NTF Carbon Steel Floor Scale is a NTEP approved for heavy duty weighing applications used in factories, enterprises, railway, and etc. It comes with SWB7 high precision waterproof stainless steel weighing indicator, with extra-large LCD display. This scale is NTEP approved Legal for Trade.
    Indicator Features
    Weighing, Simple Counting, and Check Weighing
    Automatic Zero Tracking (AZT)
    Initial Zero Setting Mechanism (IZSM)
    Semi-Automatic Zero (Push Button)
    Full Tare
    Digital Noise Filter
    Programmable Capacity and Division
    Accumulation, Recall, and Clear
    RS232 or Bluetooth
    Floor Scale Features
    Heavy duty, Low profile, easy to maintain.
    Automatic Zero Tracking (AZT)
    Initail Zero setting Mechanism (IZSM)
    Semi-Automaitc Zero (Push Button)
    Semi-Automatic Tare (Push Button)
    RS-232, Wifi (Optional)
    Weighing, Counting, and Price Computing (depending on the indicator)
    Adjustable feet, junction box, and load cells included.


  • Carbon Steel Design, heavy duty, low profile and easy maintenance.
  • Four Adjustable feet, four load cells and one junction box included.
  • Load cell’s cable with connectors for quick installation.
  • Come with extra-large stainless steel NTEP indicators which is waterproof.
  • Widely used for weighing of goods in factories, enterprises, railways, limited one-year warranty